What It’s About

You may wonder: Why did someone – possibly a total stranger – get joy from doing something for me in the name of Jesus Christ?

In the records we have of Jesus’ life there are many examples of Jesus, the Son of God, serving others. He also told His followers that when they did something for somebody else, they were actually helping Him! So, as followers of Jesus, we use His example to serve others – with joy!

Does doing a ‘good deed’ get someone into heaven?

While doing something good for someone is always the ‘right thing to do’ it doesn’t get you into heaven. Think about it. If God required us to do good deeds to earn our way into heaven, how would we ever know if we’ve done enough? The only way to get into heaven is by believing in Jesus Christ, the Son of God and in His resurrection from the dead.

That person served you because He (Jesus) first served them! You can read about this in the Bible’s book of 1 John.

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